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* Ping Test Easy

* Password Manager

* Free Folder Hider

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Automatic Backup Pro

Maintain regular local backups of your personal data automatically.

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Second Backup

Copy files at scheduled time and send e-mail to report backup status.

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Second Backup -

ZIP Incremental File Backup

Backup files at scheduled time

Compress each file to zip format

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Ping Tester

Ping ,Traceroute, Scan network IP addresses, record the test log and generate statistics reports.

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General Barcode Maker

Create batch barcode labels easily and print to the normal printer.

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Drag-Drop Form

Portable Password Manager and

Web-Form Auto-Fill Tool

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2in1 Privacy Folder & Password Manager      Download

Password-protect folders and securely store and auto-fill login ID and passwords.

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Auto Folder Synchronization

Perform scheduled file backup & folder synchronization to secure your data.

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Folder Comparison & Synchronization

Compare, synchronize, backup files between computers.

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Folder Copy & Backup - Standard

Copy manually, auto backup, sync, and transfer any type of files between various storage media.

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Folder Copy & Backup - Professional

Copy manually, auto backup, sync, and transfer any type of files between various storage media, Side-by-side folder comparation.

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