Automatic-Backup-Software FAQ

Question 01:

I am trying to use the E-mail function with my yahoo account, but the E-mail notification does not work. Do you have any suggestions on how to setup my email account?       Answer

Question 02:

I've been getting the error below for the last number of days. I have rebuilt the backup job, verified that I can access the directories to back-up and with the exception of the backup folder name, this backup job is doing the same thing that four other backup jobs did:

Destination cannot be written

Start Create Backup Folder 'Backup_X' in destination 'F:\MARK_Backup\'.

Move Backup Copy 1 OK.

Error: Path/File access error.     Answer

Question 03:

I was wondering what the "Deleted Files" directory is? I see that a sub directory is created with every backup that is run, but the files in the directory are still found in the backup data and in the source data, so I am at a loss as to what it means when a file is put in the "Deleted Files" directory.    Answer

Question 04:

Is there a way I can select several different folders as "source" and back them up AT THE SAME TIME? These folders will not be in sequence. I may want to back up folder "A" and also folder "X". How do I select more than one folder as source?     Answer

Question 05:

Some backup profile do not automatic run.     Answer

Question 06:

Error "Error: Method '~' of object '~' failed".     Answer