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How to start ?

Runs in the background


Add a new backup task

Check  a backup task's log

Defines  files to be backup

Backup schedule

Manual run a backup task

Only copy modified files

Pause Backup

Keep muilt backup copys

Export/Import settings


How to setting up the backup schedule ?


1. Backup on every day 01:30:


2. Backup on every Saturday 02:00 of weeks:


3. Backup on 1th of every months, at 00:30:


4. Backup on the end of every months, at 23:45:


5. Backup at every hour, such as 12:20,13:20…and so on:


6. Backup at time Interval of 2 hours, begin from 00:00,  Such as 02:30, 04:30, 06:30 … and so on:


7. Backup on every hour, at time Interval of 15 minutes,  Such as 12:15, 12:30, 12:45 … and so on:


8. Backup at time Interval of 3 days, at 22:30,begin from today:



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